Leptospirosis nosode 30c

However, I do not recommend nosodes to prevent or treat infectious diseases. I empathize if you are concerned about adverse vaccine reactions, have had a companion dog or cat fall ill or even die from the adverse effects of vaccines. In essence, he popularized the practice. I prefer to give rabies vaccines 4 weeks apart from other vaccinations, and to wait until a minimum of 20 weeks and thereafter as specified by law.

My colleague, Dr. These are not animals that are secluded and would be unlikely to be exposed to infectious diseases. Nevertheless, these reports do not scientifically prove that the nosode worked. Ronald Schultz. However, here are my thoughts:. After the fifth day, they were observed for clinical signs of distemper.

The incidence of disease decreased from Wynn and Dr. Becker, Karen, DVM. Burns, Katie. American Veterinary Medical Association, 15 June Day, Christopher.

Dodds, W. Jean, DVM. Gross, Cary P. Septkowitz, MD.Leptospirosis also known as Weil's disease, canicola fever, canefield fever, nanukayami fever, 7-day fever and many more is a bacterial zoonotic disease caused by spirochaetes of the genus Leptospira that affects humans and a wide range of animals, including mammals, birds, amphibians, and reptiles. It was first described by Adolf Weil in when he reported an "acute infectious disease with enlargement of spleen, jaundice and nephritis".

Though being recognised among the world's most common zoonoses, leptospirosis is a relatively rare bacterial infection in humans. The infection is commonly transmitted to humans by allowing fresh water that has been contaminated by animal urine to come in contact with unhealed breaks in the skin, eyes or with the mucous membranes. Scanning electron microscope of a number of Leptospira sp. Leptospirosis is caused by a spirochaete bacterium called Leptospira spp. There are other less common infectious strains.

Leptospirosis is transmitted by the urine of an infected animal, and is contagious as long as it is still moist. Although rats, mice and voles are important primary hosts, a wide range of other mammals including dogs, deer, rabbits, hedgehogs, cows, sheep, raccoons, possums, skunks, and even certain marine mammals are also able to carry and transmit the disease as secondary hosts. Dogs may lick the urine of an infected animal off the grass or soil, or drink from an infected puddle.

There have been reports of "house dogs" contracting leptospirosis apparently from licking the urine of infected mice that entered the house. The type of habitats most likely to carry infective bacteria are muddy riverbanks, ditches, gulleys and muddy livestock rearing areas where there is regular passage of either wild or farm mammals.

There is a direct correlation between the amount of rainfall and the incidence of leptospirosis, making it seasonal in temperate climates and year-round in tropical climates. Leptospirosis is also transmitted by the semen of infected animals.

leptospirosis nosode 30c

Abattoir workers can contract the disease through contact with infected blood or body fluids. Humans become infected through contact with water, food, or soil containing urine from these infected animals. This may happen by swallowing contaminated food or water or through skin contact. Leptospirosis is common among watersport enthusiasts in specific areas as prolonged immersion in water is known to promote the entry of the bacteria.

Occupational risk factors include veterinarians, slaughter house workers, farmers, and sewer workers.

leptospirosis nosode 30c

Leptospirosis is a biphasic disease that begins with flu-like symptoms fever, chills, myalgias, intense headache. The first phase resolves and the patient is asymptomatic briefly before the second phase begins that is characterized by meningitis, liver damage causing jaundiceand renal failure.

Because of the wide range of symptoms the infection is often wrongly diagnosed. This leads to a lower registered number of cases than there really are. The symptoms in humans appear after a day incubation period. Complications include meningitis, respiratory distress and renal interstitial tubular necrosis, which results in renal failure and often liver failure the severe form of this disease is known as Weil's disease, though it is sometimes named Weil Syndrome.

Cardiovascular problems are also possible. Kidney tissue, using a silver staining technique, revealing the presence of Leptospira bacteria. On infection the microorganism can be found in blood for the first 7 to 10 days invoking serologically identifiable reactions and then moving to the kidneys. After 7 to 10 days the microorganism can be found in fresh urine. Hence, early diagnostic efforts include testing a serum or blood sample serologically with a panel of different strains.

It is also possible to culture the microorganism from blood, serum, fresh urine and possibly fresh kidney biopsy. Kidney function tests Blood Urea Nitrogen and creatinine as well as blood tests for liver functions are performed.The term nosode was introduced by Hering. The first nosode psorinum was introduced in Nosodes are not a routine prescription prescribed infrequently and are generally prescribed in chronic conditions in c potency and above.

Use of nosodes and sarcodes in the treatment of disease conditions is known as biotherapy or immunotherapy or organopathy. Upto the end ofthere have been 11 research human studies including 4 DBRPCT published in 6 peer-reviewed journals 2 integrative, 2 homeopathy and 2 CAM journals in evidence of 9 nosodes.

Nosodes : Medicines prepared from inactivated disease products of human, animal or vegetable origin or cultures of micro-organisms bacteria, virus, fungi are known as Nosode. Treatment of disease by high potency of Isodes is known as Isopathy.

Homeopathic Nosodes

The source material of a human nosode is verified for the absence of infection. The source material is heated in saturated steam for 20 minutes at a temperature of degree centigrade to make it sterile and further processed autoclaving to ensure micro-biological safety [1].

The source material of an animal nosode has been verified by Pasteur Institute, Paris and found out to be safe for human consumption [2].

Nosode as preventive medicine for infectious disease homeopathic vaccines. Nosodes increases specific immunity regarding definite etiological agents. The first research study in evidence of nosodes was published in The compendium is prepared by mining 14 online electronic databases. Studies in which medicine is perceived to be homeopathic but is not such as radionically prepared or different potencies of same medicine mixed together.

British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology. The effects of Carcinosin and Phytolacca were as powerful as Paclitaxel Taxol. Dramatic decrease in morbidity within two weeks and zero morbidity of hospitalised patients.

Tuberculinum in the treatment of Tuberculosis of lymph nodes Psorinum 6x for advanced gallbladder, pancreas and liver cancers Sign the petition to save nosodes in Canada. Copy the following Format. Edit to your liking and e-mail to Health Minister and others at the following address.

CC: libby. I am writing to you to request the Government of Canada to urge the Natural Health Products Directorate NHPD of Health Canada to promote natural medicine such as homeopathic system of medicine and homeopathic remedies such as nosodes as they have been medically proved as well as approved by many nations for many decades.

Not only homeopaths and naturopaths but also the national government must promote advertisement across Canada to the general public as effective and safe. The research has proved its efficiacy beyond doubt. I urge you to think of not only health and safety of Canadian families but also economy as homeopathic medicines are comparatively cost-effective, so there is less drain on economy financially.

Further Reading: Scientific Research in Homeopathy. Thank you for the excellent references.Moisturising and absorbing. Made from pure sucrose per gramme approx diameter 1. They are usually used for babies, small children and animals and are soluble in water.

Made from lactose and melt quickly on the tongue. They are usually used for animals and for single dose prescribing. They are regarded as "gluten free" less than 20ppm and suitable for people with coeliac disease.

Patients with wheat allergy should NOT take soft tablets. An alcoholic solution of the raw herbal ingredient. They are usually taken orally as drops in water although some are used for external use only. Suitable for raw and sensitive skin conditions.

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For example LM 1, LM 2 etc. They are sometimes called 'Q' potencies. Find by category. Find by brand. This product is not currently available online in your country. Please contact us directly to make an order by phone or via our secure order form. Granules Made from pure sucrose per gramme approx diameter 1. Large Soft tablets Made from lactose and melt quickly on the tongue. LM granules Very small sucrose granules. They are used by practitioners for patients.

Medicating potency A high alcohol liquid potency for practitioner use only.AN Leptospira Oral Nosode homeopathic prophylactic. Leptospira Pomona Bacterin. A nosode could be described as an "oral vaccine" in the sense that its purpose is to "immunize" the body against a specific disease.

It is prepared from the actual organism which is associated with the disease in question and may derive from filtrates containing only the exotoxins of the bacteria, or from emulsions containing both bacteria and their toxins.

These filtrates are then potentized a million times to produce the energy only of the disease and this energy stimulates the entire natural immune system to react against a specific disease, so this becomes an oral vaccine for humans as well as pets.

Nosodes are relatively unknown in veterinary practice and somewhat controversial in holistic veterinary practice. Many benefits have been noted, including a decrease in the severity and frequency of disease. Although nosodes are still controversial as a replacement for traditional vaccinations, evidence of their safety and efficacy is growing.

What are Nosodes? Nosodes are specialized homeopathic remedies that are prepared by taking the actually diseased matter from a sick animal such as diseased tissue or nasal discharge. The preparation of a nosode involves a lengthy process of succussion and dilution of the original material using traditional homeopathic protocols until virtually no molecules of the crude substance remain, rendering the nosode safe for use.

This process, called potentization, inactivates the original disease substance and converts the material into a bioenergetic remedy which interacts with the body's energy field. The final product is a potent remedy that is an energetic blueprint of the actual disease. Human Nosode Research Dr. Isaac Golden, an Australian homeopath, has done extensive research in the field of homeopathic childhood immunizations. Working directly with families who agreed to participate in a clinical trial of typical childhood diseases, Dr.

Golden concluded that homeopathic immunizations were From toDr. Golden also studied vaccine safety compared to homeopathic immunizations. He found that children who received standard vaccines were 15 more times likely to get asthma, 7 times more likely to get eczema and 2 times more likely to get allergies than those who were immunized by homeopathic preparations.

leptospirosis nosode 30c

Homeopathic Immunization in Dogs Dr. Christopher Day, a British veterinary homeopath, has been using nosodes in his practice for 35 years. Evidence of reduced rates of distemper, hepatitis, leptospirosis, parvovirus and kennel cough has encouraged him to recommend nosodes to his clients for prevention and treatment of disease. InDr.

Leptospirosis In Dogs: Homeopathic Solutions

Day documented the successful use of nosodes in a kennel cough outbreak. The trial was done in a daycare and there were dogs participating, including both vaccinated and unvaccinated dogs. The nosode was introduced by placing it in the dogs drinking water. Remarkably, out of a total of dogs that were treated with the kennel cough nosode, the incidence of actual, full-blown disease was only 1.

The vaccinated dogs had a higher incidence of disease at 4. Minor symptoms were expressed by This study shows that nosodes can be effective in disease prevention, and when dogs do contract disease, the severity of symptoms can be reduced with their use.

Instead of vaccination injections, if you are unsure about continuing vaccinations or not, ask instead for a Titer test antibodies immunity test.

Infectious Diseases A-Z: Leptospirosis in Puerto Rico

Every time you get this test done it will show you that your pet is still fully immunized against all disease. The nosodes do not produce a titer response. Lepto Oral Nosode 30ml 2.

Chemical poisons 30C 3. This treatment set can be given before, during or after conventional drugs or instead of drug treatment. By using herbal and nosode of the bacteria will clear the system of all residue of this type of infection, so chronic illness will not be an issue.Leptospirosis is enough to strike terror into many dog owners. We are warned that Lepto abounds and Lepto kills and we need to vaccinate for it.

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If you are considering vaccinating for Lepto, you might want to first read this article: Smoke and Mirrors. Regardless of whether you vaccinate for Lepto or not, your dog can be susceptible. Given the dangers of the Lepto vaccine, your best defense is to recognize the symptoms of Lepto and have remedies on hand so you can act immediately if your dog suddenly becomes ill.

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Leptospirosis is caused by infection with serovars of the spirochete Leptospira interrogans sensu lato, of which eight can infect dogs and cats. Leptospira cannot replicate outside of a host which acts as a reservoir, shedding the bacterium intermittently. Leptospira are passed in urine and penetrate mucous membranes or abraded skin and multiply rapidly upon entering the blood vascular space.

The bacterium continues to spread within the body and replicates further in many tissues including the kidney, liver, spleen, central nervous system CNSeyes, and genital tract. Thereafter, increases in serum antibodies clear the spirochetes from most organs, but bacteria may persist in the kidneys and be shed in urine for weeks to months.

The extent of damage to internal organs is variable depending on the virulence of the organism and host susceptibility. Many animals carry Lepto, especially rodents and racoons, and pets can catch it by drinking water contaminated with urine. The clinical signs of Lepto in dogs depend on the age and immunity of the host, environmental factors affecting the bacteria, and the virulence of the infecting serovar.

Young animals are more severely affected than adults. Then vomiting and rapid dehydration may develop.

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Severely infected dogs may develop hypothermia and kidney or liver failure can develop. In subacute infections, the animal usually develops a fever, anorexia, vomiting of bile, dehydration, and increased thirst.

Animals with liver involvement may develop jaundice.

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The dog will also be in pain and be reluctant to move. Dogs that develop kidney or liver involvement may begin to show improvement in organ function after 2 to 3 weeks or they may develop chronic renal failure.

The majority of Lepto infections in dogs are chronic or subclinical. Dogs that become chronically infected may show no outward signs, but may intermittently shed bacteria in the urine for months or years.

To be successful, homeopathic treatment should be initiated as soon as possible. The following remedies may be considered, depending on symptoms:.

Homeopathic Prevention and Treatment of Epidemics and Pandemics

If Lepto is prevalent in your area, you will want to have these remedies on hand or be able to access the remedies or a homeopath quickly. If you choose to have a homeopath do a phone consult, it will help to have the remedies ready so you can access them quickly. She also breeds award winning Labrador Retrievers under the Fallriver prefix. Dana has been a raw feeding, natural rearing breeder since the 90's and is a sought after speaker and outspoken advocate for natural health care for dogs and people.

Dana works tirelessly to educate pet owners so they can influence veterinary medicine and change current vaccine, food and preventive health practices. Get our best content delivered to your inbox Yes, I want to get emails from Dogs Naturally.

You can change your mind and unsubscribe anytime.In a mature, healthy dog or cat, the blood infection will trigger a response from the immune system, which will, in turn, wipe out all or nearly allof the infection. But sometimes in healthy adults and most of the time in immature or elderly animalsthe immune system alone will not fully eradicate the bacteria.

Those left behind may damage the host organs, especially the kidneys; this can be fatal if left untreated. The symptoms and effects of a leptospirosis infection include sudden fever and illness, stiff or sore muscles, shivering, lethargy, loss of appetite, weakness, depression, dehydration, increased thirst, lack of urine or inability to urinate, vomiting, diarrhea, discolored and spotted gums, anemia yellowing of the skin or whites of the eyesa cough, a fever, a runny nose, and swollen lymph nodes.

If your pet is on this antibiotic or had this treatment is very important to repair gut flora gut flora helps protect against infectionsadding a good strong probiotic. As you know drug antibiotics destroy all the good flora protection in the gut. And this one of the problems people find when they stop the drugs, ill health can return - symptoms can come back if not as acute, but chronic health issues.

Causes of Leptospirosis Infection The bacteria that cause the infection are typically found in wet, humid, warm environments, as in tropical or subtropic zones. They can be found anywhere there is standing water or mud, such as in marshes, swamps, or irrigated fields. The homeopathic "Leptospirosis Oral Nosodes" Prophylactics are homeopathic remedies used for disease prevention. Use this oral nosode as a protection for all species. However, If your pet has been diagnosed with having this type of bacterial infection Leptospirosis and is showing symptoms, please contact our office for what other alternatively you can look at some of the suggested formulas below to help you select natural medicines for your pet.

What is an Oral Nosode? A nosode could be described as an "oral vaccine" in the sense that its purpose is to "immunize" the body against a specific disease. It is prepared from the actual organism which is associated with the disease in question and may derive from filtrates containing only the exotoxins of the bacteria, or from emulsions containing both bacteria and their toxins. These filtrates are then potentized a million times to produce the energy only of the disease and this energy stimulates the entire natural immune system to react against a specific disease, so this becomes an oral vaccine for humans as well as pets.

However, we do recommend avoiding this vaccine altogether. This Vaccination has a very common serious side effects. Because of this, it also carries a significantly greater risk for adverse reactions. Unfortunately, many vets are still promoting repeated vaccinations for all pets, despite the significant risks associated with unnecessary revaccination. Becker commented on this vaccine, as the lepto infection is entirely treatable.

So, her question is, why vaccinate for something that's one hundred percent treatable? Becker says she has handled about a dozen cases of lepto in my career and have never had a dog experience any lingering problems from the infection.

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Which she recommends that you skip the leptospirosis vaccine. If you live in a lepto-endemic area, make sure your dog's immune system is strong, and you can certainly go the extra mile by taking precautions to ensure your pet doesn't have an opportunity to be exposed to the leptospirosis bacteria.


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