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Panasonic FZ950/FZ952 OLED Review

Thread starter Bapun Raz Start date 2 Jul Bapun Raz Quarantino Staff member. Joined 3 Nov Messages 19, Reaction score 26, It gives an optimum picture quality while reducing noise and restoring details to edges by identifying objects in every frame.

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panasonic oled tv forum

The flagship TV party is well under way, and Panasonic is the last of the big four manufacturers to arrive. But you know what they say about good things and those who wait. And then Panasonic rocks up with a product just as good — better in some respects — plus aggressive pricing to match. Related: Best TV. A third of the device is just screen, no thicker than a stack of six credit cards.

The bottom two-thirds of the screen is backed by the housing for the electronics, which takes the thickness to just under 5cm. The neck connecting the TV to the base is all black and tucked behind the soundbar, as opposed to a column of attention-seeking chrome. The neck is also a lot wider, which I presume is for stability reasons. It works. The metal faceplate makes a premium first impression.

Everything is nicely spaced and clearly labelled. There are dedicated buttons for key apps, including a very helpful that you can assign yourself. To my knowledge, none of the other big TV manufacturers offers backlit remotes.

The traditional wand is more useful and intuitive. Related: Netflix vs Amazon Video. This menu is populated with the apps, channels and inputs of your choice.

App support is bang up to date, which is the most important thing. The only one I missed was Now TV. Related: Best Streaming Sites.

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HLG is generally seen as future tech but I can confirm it works right out of the box, with no need for a firmware update. Right now, the important thing is that a TV handles the basics right, which means making the most of the good old standard HDR To that end, Panasonic has seriously upgraded its approach to its lookup tables LUTthe maps that tell TVs where to put certain colours. The picture is constantly analysed, with new LUTs constantly generated every milliseconds.

panasonic oled tv forum

This is one gorgeous television. The blacks, then. OLED TVs have long been able to reach absolute black levels, but Panasonic has really been working on fine detail in the areas just above black, and it shows.

Related: Best TV deals. The FZ also looks slightly less forced with very bright colours, when compared with the LG. Shading is subtly done too. Motion handling is excellent, too. The yellow opening crawl from The Last Jedi ran more smoothly here than on the LG C8, which demonstrated a little more judder.

I rarely felt the need to turn on additional motion processing, and when I did the effect was subtle. Whether you watch 4K or upscale a p picture, the picture is wonderfully sharp. LG has clearly gone for the bolder approach and looks crisper for it. Panasonic has again gone for subtlety, with the level of sharpness appropriate for different images. Rocks and buildings are cleanly and starkly drawn, while fur or creases in fabric look softer.The 55GZ is a fantastic TV all-rounder.

Its front-facing speaker system enables it to partner those awe-inspiring pictures with clean, direct sound, too. Panasonic has developed numerous picture features for its professional monitor division that have gradually filtered down to its consumer TVs.

The screen is barely a centimetre deep at its extremes too — even if the larger sections of the rear casing stick out more than most OLED rivals. Connections are as you would expect of a premium 4K TV in At first glance this looks the same as it has before, with just a trio of large icons appearing on the home screen providing access to your app collection, connected devices, and TV tuner options.

Look closer, though, and there is a new element to My Home Screen. Namely that you can now scroll vertically down from the starting row of icons to four other rows. Three of these are devoted to NetflixYoutube and Freeview Play, and show direct links to recommended shows and videos on each platform.

The final deck allows you to change the running order of the new vertical decks, and select the deck that comes up by default when you hit the home button. While this new multi-tier home screen streamlines navigation, the platform still feels a little basic compared with some of its rivals.

Though it can work with Alexa and Google Assistant if you link through to a compatible smart speaker or listening device. Skin tones look exquisitely detailed too, and even the darkest objects appear to have a startling three-dimensionality to them rather than looking flat or hollow due to the level of detail the screen can reproduce in dark areas.

Not HDR levels of dynamic, of course, but punchy enough to reveal just how much SDR can do — especially when reproduced on a screen that feels like an escapee from a professional mastering studio. It achieves the dual benefit of looking crisper and more detailed than any previous Panasonic upscaling engine, while also doing a better job of suppressing noise and retaining grain without exaggerating it.

There are so many exemplary things about them, in fact, that trying to list them individually proves a major challenge.

Panasonic TVs Forum

But here goes. OLED TVs are, of course, renowned for being great at delivering deep black colours, due to their self-emissive nature. But it feels like no screen before has done this quite so exquisitely well with HDR sources as the 55GZ the results are irresistibly immersive and, often, truly beautiful. Tones across the wide spectrum the screen can cover are delivered with stunning deftness — even when dealing with awkwardly-lit skin tones or extremely bright tones.

Unusually for the TV world, this sense of depth holds equally good with dark as well as light scenes. Gamers, meanwhile, will be delighted to learn that the 55GZ only measured around 13ms of lag when running in its Game mode — about as low as it gets in the TV world.

But a couple of small issues did become apparent. First, there are traces of colour banding watching HDR — usually during shots of the sky — that can become a little ripply if they coincide with a fade to black.

OLED vs QLED - What's better? - Trusted Reviews

The combination of a built-in soundbar and Dolby Atmos processing pays more dividends than you might expect, given that the soundbar looks too small to do any real damage. The soundbar locks vocals to their source screen too, somehow managing to deliver height, width and even depth effects with uncanny accuracy. The soundstage is clean and detailed, suffering hardly any sense of compression, distortions or muddiness.

The images are slightly more aggressive on both of these LG models, with very bright HDR content, while the E9 delivers an even more powerful Dolby Atmos sound performance. The Samsung Q90R series, in particular, reaches around nits, while still maintaining deep black levels at the other end of the scale.Our website uses cookies and similar tools to improve its performance and enhance your user experience and by continuing to use this website without changing your settings, you consent to their use.

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Please close this window and try again. The new 65" HZ rises to the challenge, set by its award-winning predecessors, to be our most complete television. New for - Now Available. The new 55" HZ rises to the challenge, set by its award-winning predecessors, to be our most complete television. Showcasing a cinematic experience with soundscape pro and multiple picture quality modes. The HZ contains Dolby Atmos and subwoofer Connection delivering the true home cinematic experience.

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panasonic oled tv forum

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panasonic oled tv forum

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It seems to me that PAnasonc really went all out last year with the GZ - custom panel with heatsink to enable higher brightness, upfiring Atmos speakers, launching with full HDR support. I'd hazard a guess that Panasonic management were not impressed by the sales of the OLED range especially given the cost of manufacturing the custom panel and the result is basically the same TV hardware-wise this year with some cheap software improvements most of which could likely have been added to the GZ If sales disappoint again which I think they will I can see Panasonic pulling out of a lot more markets or moving back to just using the default LG panel and trying to comepete on price.

New firmware 3.

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Improve system stability. MahaRaja Member. HZ looks like a giant computer monitor: looks cheap. DoDeH1 Member.The Panasonic HZ promises to be even better, which sounds pretty good to us. Dolby Vision IQ, created by Dolby of course, is designed to optimise the playback of Dolby Vision content according to the lighting conditions of your room.

By supporting Dolby Vision IQ, the TV reads the Dolby Vision metadata of the title being played, uses an external sensor to measure the surrounding ambient light, and adjusts the picture accordingly. In a CES briefing Panasonic referenced the 28th April as a significant date in its decision to embark on Intelligent Sensing, for that was when the Game of Thrones finale aired — and immediately came under fire for looking too dark.

Note that while some TV manufacturers are opting for automatic activation of Filmmaker Mode on its TVs, Panasonic has chosen manual implementation. The owner can therefore turn it on and off via the remote's dedicated button pictured, below. Fewer developments have been made in the sound department, but when you already have a comprehensive TV sound system to use, does that really matter?

The Panasonic HZ flagship OLED TV for may not be the most aesthetically pleasing top-tier TV out there with its rather functional-over-fancy design, but it looks the part where it counts most: the picture on the screen. With hardware advancements and the promise of new processing technologies alluding to not only Panasonic's best-ever OLED picture but also its most versatile and practical, the HZ looks well set to continue the company's fine OLED form.

And that sounds very exciting indeed. We look forward to getting the TV in for a full review later in the year. It may be just a few moments, or a few hours. The important thing is we have been able to play with it ourselves and can give you some sense of what it's like to use, even if it's only an embryonic view. What Hi-Fi? Please deactivate your ad blocker in order to see our subscription offer. Home Reviews. Against Not the most beautiful flagship TV. Image credit: Future Sound Fewer developments have been made in the sound department, but when you already have a comprehensive TV sound system to use, does that really matter?

Image credit: Future Initial verdict The Panasonic HZ flagship OLED TV for may not be the most aesthetically pleasing top-tier TV out there with its rather functional-over-fancy design, but it looks the part where it counts most: the picture on the screen.

Panasonic CES highlights. What is a hands on review? See all comments 3.


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